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5 Drugstore Creme Eye Shadows You’ve Never Heard Of

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Top 5 Crème Drugstore Eyeshadow

Don’t keep spending the big bucks  on expensive crème eyeshadow and try these killer drugstore crème eyeshadows and still look hot while saving money. I’ve complied a list of some of the best crème drugstore eyeshadows with great reviews from makeup lovers like you.

Maybelline Drugstore Creme Eyeshadow


DetailsDare to shine 24/7. Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal Cream Gel Shadow’s ink technology creates 24HR wear for intense, long-lasting color saturation. The cream gel formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant.

Add some edge to everyday makeup with metallics from Maybelline New York. Makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar will show you quick and easy ways to go from clean and luminous to dangerously magnetic new Color Tattoo Metals Shadow collection.


*****-I absolutely love this pale gold metallic shadow! The wide mouth container makes it easy to use finger or brush. A little goes a long way. I think this little jar is going to last me until I die. Using 24-Hour Magic primer, this shadow stays on all day and all night.

*****-I absolutely love the tattoo part of Maybelline eye wear. Sometimes it’s a little tough to tell what color you will be receiving. In this instance I wanted a neutral to go over my lids as a shadow primer. I have what is called wet eyelids and have trouble keeping shadow on. This product really does stay on and performs well.

*****-I use this eyeshadow in ‘Inked in Pink’ as a base for almost every powder shadow I own. My style of makeup is very office-appropriate, light, pink, but still noticeable. I favor pink blushes, pink lipsticks, and illuminating skin products. This shadow is the perfect complement! I could use it on its own, but I find it really shines when used in conjunction with powder. Not only does it hold its own color all day, but it keeps my powder looking fresh until I’m wiping it off before bed! It looks beautiful combined with almost every powder color I own, too – from champagne nude, to pink, to gold, etc. etc. People tell me how great my eyeshadow looks, how it gives a luminous and fairytale pink effect and I can’t take any credit – it’s due so much to this little gem! I slap some on with my fingers in the morning, dab on some powder, and I’m good to go! Dressing up the look with liner and mascara makes it great for special occasions and going out too.

*****-I have a lot of problems with eye makeup getting into my eyes and making my contacts hurt or cause blurry vision. These shadows are great especially when I am getting ready in a hurry because they apply so easily (you can use a brush but I prefer to use my ring finger to put it all over the lid and then clean up/blend before it sets with a brush. Once they set they’re not moving and running into my eyes. They constitute a base for any other shadow you may want to add. I haven’t really worn a very involved eye look with this but so far I’ve had no problems with running into my eyes or fading when I used one of these as the allover lid color. You can also leave it as is without any other shadow or liner and just put mascara. This color especially makes you look more awake and brightens up your face.

Actually I was not sure this color would work on me. The pink is not as bright as the stock image here. It’s a bit lighter. I wouldn’t have bought it but I saw swatches online that led me to give it a chance. I am fair (about an NW15 in Mac) with dark hair and dark green eyes and sometimes pinks look weird on me. This shade is pink but not overly so and I can wear it without looking frosty and weird on my cool tone skin. It’s a shade that I can see working with warm toned skin as well though. It’s almost a neutral pink – not too pink, not too coral. Overall I recommend the color tattoos and this shade was way better than I expected.

Ulta Drugstore Crème Eyeshadow


Details-This decadently creamy eye shadow combines a unique blend of ingredients to create crease proof, fast drying and stick free application.
Self Magazine 2014 Healthy Beauty Award winner!

*****-This was a great buy, very creamy but it stays put as I used it (which was in combination with powdered eye shadow). Supplies were limited at the store when I purchased it or I would have picked up another color.

*****-This product can be worn alone or as a base color to build on. It does not crease, smudge or wear off. It feels so light on my eyelids and I love the light sparkle it had. I’ve gotten countless compliments while wearing it

*****-Love this so much! The color is so pigmented yet blendable. So not much product is need which is awesome! Really easy to just slap on on a every day basis. I bought the shade “rose gold” and is it ALLLLL the time. Overall it’s a great product for a great price.

*****-I love this in rose gold as a base for my pinkish-bronze daytime smokey eye that I wear to work. It applies smoothly and a little goes a long way. Color payoff is intense! Make sure you throw it out and replace when it starts to dry out or you’ll be pulling on your eyelids trying to smooth it onto your lids.

E.L.F Drugstore Crème Eyeshadow

drugstore-creme-eyeshadow Details-The e.l.f. Cosmetics Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow smooth gel formula glides on perfectly. Use it as a long-lasting eyeshadow or eyeliner! Enriched with Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate the delicate eye area. Cruelty free and vegan.

*****- I bought the lightest pink color to use as an eyeshadow base. It does have some shimmery sparkle in it, which I don’t mind seeing as to I’m applying color over it.

I do like these little smudge pots because:

* They increase my shadow wear and vibrancy

* They add a sticky base layer for shadow application

* They are easy to use with a synthetic concealer brush

* They are so inexpensive, so I can play around with makeup on the cheap.

Yes, I totally recommend!! 🙂 I am adding a few more to my shopping cart right now. Thanks for reading my review.

*****-Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadow:I normally don’t like cream products on my lids because, even when I don’t have oily lids, everything creases like crazy, even MAC Smudge Pots with primer :/. But with this product I bought it, because of the hype and that I want to try almost everything in the e.l.f. website.

I bought ‘Cruisin’ Chic’ (taupe like color) and ‘Back to Basics’ (light brown/copper color) in a sale on the e.l.f. website, so I got them dirt cheap! So if I didn’t like them it won’t hurt the wallet. I have already tried both, and ‘Cruisin’ Chic’ has become one of my everyday shadows. I have worn them with and without primer and it doesn’t matter, they won’t crease or move during the day (and it has been a few very hot days here in SoCal). They are very pigmented, normally I just use very little for a more natural look, but they can give you a great color payout. Also they are easy to blend and once they set, they stay. I personally like to apply them using a synthetic small flat brush and blend them with my finger. This is how I have found it to be the easiest form of applications, because even when the packaging is really good the opening is a bit small for just using your fingers and I also find that using a brush is more hygienic.

This a product I will definitely buy again and even want more colors in the collection. I do recommend them.

****-I love these pots! They’re so pigmented and creamy. They make a great base for powder shadows or as a stand alone. Can be used with a brush or fingers. And doesn’t hardly crease. I swear by these.

******-Works very well, while wet they blend but once dry with a primer they don’t move even with rubbing your eye!! They can be used plain or as a base & come in great colors! Work best when applied to lid with fingers on top of a primer & then blended out with a finger.

Physicians Formula Drugstore Crème Eyeshadow

Details-Physicians Formula Extreme Shimmer Gel Cream Eyeshadow is shockingly shimmery versatile trio can be used as a shadow all over lid or as an eyeliner to add shimmery definition. Unique hybrid formula glides- on and blends easier than a powder. 24 hour wear.

*****- I bought these as I am obsessed with pink tones and honestly I wanted to play with these because they looked so pretty! I was extremely surprised at the color payout on these. I used my fingertips to apply the colors to my eyelids when testing these and did not use a primer. I love how easily they blend and the fact that there wasn’t any creasing. Another thing I loved about the formula is that there isn’t loose glitter everywhere so you don’t have to do much to clean up your look when using this. I used a cotton ball with warm water to remove this. My only concern like any other shimmery shade is that there is a little bit of glitter left behind. I was able to get it all off with facial cleansing wipes and a soft towel though, it just took a little extra time. I give this 5 stars. The quality for the price make this a great deal. I only use prestige brands for cosmetics usually. This was my first purchase by Physicians Formula and I am impressed. My swatch doesn’t do any justice for these.

*****- I don’t know why this product is getting such negative reviews. I normally HATE glittery eyeshadows as I feel they can look tacky and detract to much. But after using these I am a fan!! I’m not an expert at applying eyeshadow and rarely wear it. With these, application was easy and it instantly gave a flattering effect. It was not to over the top ( which I appreciated). For me it lasted all day which was another plus! A definite new fave!

****- I don’t know why this product is getting such negative reviews. I normally HATE glittery eyeshadows as I feel they can look tacky and detract to much. But after using these I am a fan!! I’m not an expert at applying eyeshadow and rarely wear it. With these, application was easy and it instantly gave a flattering effect. It was not to over the top ( which I appreciated). For me it lasted all day which was another plus! A definite new fave!

Revlon Crème Drugstore Eyeshadow

Details-This weightless creme shadow glides across your skin leaving behind a comet’s tail of subtle shimmers and highlights. Each of the four gorgeous shades naturally complement each other and can be blended together to create completely new colors and striking effects. Fragrance Free. Shadow brush not included.

*******-I’ve been without eye shadow for a couple of years due to a sensitivity to something in the eye shadow? Who knows? I’ve tried a thousand different brands without success. Since this was inexpensive I decided t give it a whirl and what do you know? I can actually wear it! Goes on so smoothly; feels cool and creamy as it’s applied. I don’t notice and creasing and it seems to last all day for me. I like the non-sparkly colors best but that’s just because I’m not a sparkle girl. I bought the nudes and the moonlit jewels. Moonlit jewels actually would of been fine by itself since two of the colors in it are the same as the ones in the nudes.

My only complaint is the case, it’s opens upside down from what you expect and takes a little getting used too. Just be careful the first time you open in or you may end up with a finger in your shadow….

*****-use one of the Revlon crème shadows daily. They apply easily over primer and pretty much stay on all day. On me they do crease a bit but that’s easily taken care of by a swipe of a finger or tissue. I’ve been using these crème eye shadows for years, hard to find in stores, glad Ulta has them!

*****-I love Revlon Cream Eye Shadow, because it is one of the few true cream eye shadows still available, and the colors are very subtle, which I like.

However, it is very hard to find them in the store, so when I saw them on line, I ordered 2 of each of my favorites! Hope I can still order at Amazon when I finish these!

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